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1. Brooke got published! I’m so proud of him!! I’m sure you read his article in the most recent edition of the Issues in Accounting Education journal. If not, too bad so sad. 

2. We’ve discovered that there are LOTS of kids in our neighborhood and they love to play with our girls. We regularly have a mob of them on our driveway riding bikes and scooters or playing four square. It is truly a joy to see the girls having so much fun.

3. On Tuesday, I went to the doctor to have her diagnose a pain that I was, at various times over the last two weeks, concerned could be a hernia, gall bladder issue, or an ovarian something. It was a pulled abdominal muscle. Yes, I’m serious.

4. A mama bird built a nest for her babies underneath the bumper on the back of our SUV that is usually parked in the driveway. The other day when Brooke was out somewhere with the Yukon, I saw her standing in our driveway with a worm in her mouth, hopping around trying to figure out where in the heck her babies went. Saddest and stupidest thing I’ve seen in a while. Let this be a lesson for us all—don’t build your house on a movable object (or on sand, as Jesus would say. Matt 7:26)

5. I have fallen in love with http://myfitnesspal.com. It can be accessed online or on an iphone (which I don’t have, but I’m just sayin’ it could) and is totally free! It’s a great tool for keeping a handle on food intake and exercise—which this desk job, food-loving girl totally needed. And it has a “friend” feature so if any of you should decide to join we could do it together! Hint hint.

And finally, as a super-duper and unexpected bonus, I’m including an idea for you to try for dinner tonight…my family’s favorite! Just my way of saying thank you for reading so faithfully in spite of my long stretches of silence. Love to you all…and don’t forget to share your five things!!

Smoked Sausage Stirfry

1 Smoked Sausage (Only Hillshire Farms and don’t do beef or turkey—get the good stuff. I’ve tried to go healthier or cheaper here but it really ruins the meal.)

1 green pepper

3 eggs

Rice, enough for 8 cups prepared (white or brown—we used Uncle Ben’s instant brown rice last night and it was delish.)

Start rice on stove according to package directions.

Beat three eggs well and pour into a skillet preheated to medium. Cook eggs like a pancake, and then flip so both sides cook. Remove from pan and allow to cool before cutting into small pieces.

Chop sausage into small pieces and put in skillet on medium high.

Chop green pepper into small pieces and add to skillet after sausage is partially cooked.  

After sausage is browned and pepper is cooked (not too much), drain grease and add all (including cut eggs) to cooked rice. Salt!! And enjoy!


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Five Things I Think Are Cool

1. That God doesn’t have mood swings like me. Can I get a woot woot for the God who “doesn’t change like shifting shadows”?  (James 1:17)

2. Shaving my husband’s head. First of all, it saves us money and that’s always good. And it’s one of the few chores I do that can’t be quickly undone. Very satisfying. Kind of like mowing the lawn, only faster and not as smelly.

3. The huge oil-drill-thing-a-ma-jig in someone’s front yard that I passed on my way home from work yesterday. In a residential neighborhood. You have to be super cool to pull off that kind of lawn ornament.

4.  Redemption. Changed Lives.  Improbable Hope. I’ve seen Jesus do this and cool doesn’t even touch it.

5. I have my own business cards. For the first time. Something about it just makes me giggle.

Now, what about you? Gimme your five things. Or just one if that’s all you feel like.

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