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No Easy Answer

I can’t quite digest all that I’ve seen and heard this week. In my job I find myself face-to-face daily, and even hourly, with hurting women. Women who feel scared, alone, trapped, and hopeless.

Most are in crisis and desperately want it to go away. Some are suffering for the choices of others and most are suffering for their own poor decisions.

I am finding that, behind every face, is a unique story that often began in their childhood and even more often is repeated through the generations of their family.

I am overwhelmed by the need and heartbroken by the hurt. I find myself constantly driven to my knees to ask God for wisdom, compassion, discernment, and the ability to help without taking the trauma home with me at night.

There is no easy answer.

There is only Jesus.

His love.

His blood.

His forgiveness.

His power.

The freedom and strength He offers.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36

I will lean on it. I will live it. I will pray that they will too.


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